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If you look around your local gym or watch joggers running down the street, you may notice a common theme. Whether in the form of banks of TVs in gyms or joggers with MP3 players, the most common use of technology in exercise is to provide distraction. For many people exercise is simply boring, so they turn to devices that can help them keep their minds off what they’re doing while they exercise.

Entertainment fitness uses technology to engage users rather than distract them.

Rather than participate in outdoor activities, people are turning to more sedentary activities than in generations past. Many children would rather watch a game of baseball on TV or play football on a PS2 than go outside and play sports.

Entertainment fitness is about combining electronic gaming with exercise to make working out appeal to a modern audience.

The need to encourage more people to exercise has never been greater. Rising numbers of people in our society are overweight – often due to poor diet and lack of exercise. Helping address either of these causes could help to cut down on obesity.